Climbing the Grand Teton with Wyoming PBS


Climbing the Grand Teton with Wyoming PBS

Exum History and The Grand Teton

Exum Mountain Guides extends heartfelt gratitude to Wyoming PBS for granting us this incredible opportunity to collaborate on a project that delves deep into the rich history of our journey. As we approach a remarkable century of guiding in the Tetons, we invite you to join us for an exhilarating journey back in time, exploring the nascent days of mountaineering in this breathtaking range. Our trip culminates with an awe-inspiring ascent of the iconic Exum Ridge. 

Lead Exum Guide, Jessica Baker, expertly ushers Tait and Luke from the stunning Jackson Hole Valley to the triumphant summit of the Grand Teton. Even amidst the challenging alpine conditions of snow and ice, nothing could deter this determined team from achieving their lofty goal. 

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