Exum Environmental Policy

Exum Mountain Guides is committed to the preservation of the mountain environment, both in the Teton Range and in our other climbing areas. We fully support the philosophy of Leave No Trace.

Our Green Initiatives Include:

In the Tetons, Exum initiated the use of Rest Stop bags to pack out the human waste of both guides and clients.

Exum produced Protecting the Lower Saddle, a pamphlet written by Jack Turner that is distributed to all visitors to Grand Teton National Park. Written especially for climbers, it describes ways to preserve the delicate ecosystem at the Lower Saddle between the Middle Teton and Grand Teton.

In 2008, Exum installed a solar power generator at our Hut on the Grand Teton’s Lower Saddle.

Our sleeping bags at the Grand Teton lower saddle hut were replaced in 2008. Marmot Mountain Ltd. provided their cutting-edge Pro-Eco Sleeping Bags which are innovatively made from recycled trash, for all guides and climbers at the Exum hut. The old sleeping bags were donated to The Sherpa Climbing School in Nepal.

Exum personnel are encouraged to carpool and to use bicycles for transportation to work.

Exum annually assists Grand Teton National Park in its program to eradicate invasive species at our Hidden Falls climbing area. We have also worked with the park to manage erosion at the area.

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