Upon Arrival

Here's what you need to know once you arrive in Jackson.

Check In

Please call our office to check in 1 – 2 days before your first activity. We will confirm the start time for your activity, where to meet if other than the Exum Office, and go over any last minute questions you may have.

Directions to Our Office

Our physical office is located in Grand Teton National Park just south of Jenny Lake, and is open between June 10 and September 10 each summer.

Use the links below or enter 401 Exum Rd, Moose, WY 83012 into Google or Apple Maps.

Please do NOT park in the South Jenny Lake parking lot; follow the directions to our parking lot (turn at Lupine Meadows Trailhead, cross the bridge, turn right towards the Boat Launch, and take one more right into our parking lot). Call us at 307-733-2297 if you are having any trouble finding us or are running late.

Remember that you will have to pay the park entrance fee or have a park pass, and the entrance gates are often crowded so allow extra time.

NOTE: Highway 22/Teton Pass between Wilson, WY and Victor, ID is closed indefinitely as of June 2024. If you are coming to Grand Teton National Park from the Idaho side, please allow at least an extra hour to detour south to Alpine and then up Highway 89 through Jackson.

Acclimate and Hydrate

Jackson is at just over 6,200 ft. of elevation and you will notice a difference if you are coming from sea level. If you have a day or two before you begin your activities, it is helpful to try to acclimate (without overly exerting yourself too close to your climb). One option is to to visit Teton Village and take a ride on the tram. You can spend time at about 10,000 ft. without the steep hike, and then take the tram back down.

Regardless of whether or not you have time to acclimate, it is important for you to begin to hydrate as soon as you arrive. Drinking enough water, before and during your activities, is key to your success in climbing to high elevations.

Last Minute Details

Purchase food and snacks, and any last minute equipment that you could not get at home. If you’re not sure about what to buy, please give us a call. Your guide can also give you ideas during your instruction, and your instruction day will end early enough for you to have time to pick up items you need.

How to Reach Us

Please call us at (307) 733-2297 if you have any questions. The best time to reach us during the summer season, June 10 – September 10, is between 10:00 and 2:00 Mountain Time, seven days a week. During these hours, we are not sending out or welcoming back schools and climbs. If you reach our voice mail, we will return your call as soon as possible. In the off season, the best way to reach us is to leave a voicemail message and we will call you back as soon as possible, or you can always email us.

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