Wind Rivers

Wind Rivers

Office staff Jane Gallie (center), former guide Joe Kelsey (left) and Senior Guide Bill McKenna (right), on their way  Photo: Kimberly Geil Collection Deep Lake  Photo: Jane Gallie collection
The campsite  Photo: Jane Gallie collection

The Wind River range is a spectacular place to hike and climb. Recently several of our office staff (Jane Gallie, Kimberly Geil, and Margo Krisjanssons) and both a former and current guide (Joe Kelsey and Bill McKenna) took a short trip into the Winds with their canine companions (Julia, Katie, Mugs, and Tucker).

From their campsite at Big Sandy Lake, they were able to scramble to the top of Dogstooth Peak, hike to Jackass Pass where they could take in the awesome view of the Cirque of the Towers, and explore Clear Lake and Deep Lake at the base of Haystack Mountain. All this, in only four days – the Winds are a magical place to be.

With more time, you can challenge yourself on some of the many technical climbing routes for all levels, reach the top of Gannett Peak, the highest in the state (yes, it beats out the Grand Teton by just a few feet), and get further into this mountainous wonderland.

If you are looking for an adventure that is off the beaten path, take a trip into the Wind River range next summer! And if you really want to indulge yourself, let the horsepackers carry your load and fix you hearty cowboy-style meals. Call the Exum Office for details.

Hymenox Grandifloria "Old Man of the Mountain"  Photo: Jane Gallie collection
Office staff Kimberly Geil and Tucker  Photo: Jane Gallie collection Office staff Margo Krisjansons with her canine friends  Photo: Jane Gallie collection
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