Skiing the East Face of Buck Mountain

Skiing the East Face of Buck Mountain

Skiing the East Face of Buck Mountain

By: Zahan Billimoria

Skiing Buck MountainThere is a lot to like about skiing in the Tetons – but the thing I like best is there is always skiing in the Tetons.

This year has been a dry season for many mountain ranges around the west, and while we have had our fair share of high pressure – the Tetons can always be relied upon to deliver amazing skiing. Personally, I love the high pressure periods. When the skies are clear and the stability improves you can ski wild lines off the high peaks – that’s where the Tetons shine!

Nearing the Summit of Buck MountainLast week my friend, neighbor and guest, Ken and I left the trailhead at sunrise and headed for Buck Mountain. Ken is strong and very determined, and he’s hoping to ski the Grand soon. When we arrived at Timberline Lake with time to spare, I opted to take him for a walk up the improbable and exposed North East Ridge.

It was a splitter day and you could see all the way to Montana to the north, the Wind Rivers to the East and the Snake River Range to the South.

 Summit of Buck MountainKen gawked a few times at the vast expanse of air beneath him as he tiptoed over the abyss – but he never missed a step.

We arrived alone at the summit, just in time for lunch. It was beautiful. Ken is a standout skier and made elegant and controlled turns all the way down the East Face. In Teton style, we were home in time for tea.

Skiing the East Face of Buck Mountain

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