Rescue on the Grand Teton

Rescue on the Grand Teton

The  Grand Teton  Photo: Tom Bowker

On Wednesday of this week 16 climbers were rescued from the Grand Teton after a thunder storm resulted in multiple lightning strikes. Several recent reports have been incorrect regarding Exum’s involvement in the rescue. Our guides and climbing parties had reached the summit early on Wednesday and were already off the mountain when the storm hit. Some of our guides went back to our hut at the lower saddle only to provide assistance to the rangers. The injured climbers were not members of guided parties – they were climbing on their own.  For more information on the rescue please see the Grand Teton National Park news releases.

In an unrelated incident and as further proof that there are some inherent risks in climbing, one of our climbers was injured on Thursday. On the hike down from our hut he slipped on wet rock and fell in a way that caused a fracture of his lower leg. He was flown by helicopter to the valley. This has been our only serious injury this year.

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