Newlyweds on the Grand Teton

Newlyweds on the Grand Teton

Glenna Holtby and Mike Toner on the Grand Teton

Mike Toner and Glenna Holtby were married along the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park on June 21st, the summer solstice. They chose this day because they wanted their wedding “day” to Newlyweds on the Grand Teton Summitlast as long as possible.

We are honored that Glenna and Mike chose to spend their honeymoon with Exum. Their celebration began with two days of climbing instruction followed by a day of snow school, due to the early season conditions on the Grand.

They learned to tie their knots together, and promised to keep them tied forever.

Glenna and Mike headed up the Grand with Exum Guide Mike Poborsky on June 26th and reached the summit, on a near perfect day, on the 27th.

Early season on the Grand Teton is lasting a little longer than normal this year due to a heavy snow fall this past winter and spring. The snow is melting quickly now, and we expect conditions on the mountain to be closer to normal soon. The approach to our hut at the lower saddle may remain snowy for several more weeks.

We are reaching the summit daily and clients are having a great time!

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