Exum Grand Traverse Featured in Climbing Magazine

Exum Grand Traverse Featured in Climbing Magazine

May 23, 2008

By John Clegg

The Grand Traverse, first conceived in the late 1940s by Exum guides (and Teton climbing pioneers) Dick Pownell and Mike Brewer, stands as one of North America’s most famous traverses. Last summer present-day Exum Guide Bill Liberatore guided Climbing magazine’s Jeff Burke on the complete Traverse.

Jeff’s article, A Grand is Not Enough, appears in the July 2008 issue of Climbing. The issue just hit newsstands and mailboxes, and contains many stunning photographs by Exum Guide Dave Ryan, who accompanied Bill and Jeff on the Traverse.

Bill Liberatore, along with Exum Guide Nat Patridge, recently made the first-ever guided winter ski descent of The Grand.

Climbing magazine’s article on The Grand Traverse joins National Geographic Adventure‘s article on Exum Guide Rod Newcomb as the second national magazine to prominently feature Exum Mountain Guides this month.

To learn more about The Grand Traverse and other guided traverses available in the Teton Range, visit the Traverses home page of our website.

To learn more about Bill Liberatore, Dave Ryan, Nat Patridge or Rod Newcomb, visit Our Guides home page.

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