Exum Canine Guide Summits Gannett Peak for the 6th Time

Exum Canine Guide Summits Gannett Peak for the 6th Time

Wister on summit of Gannett Peak.Uber-Mountain-Mutt and Exum canine guide Wister Brennan McCarthy has guided for Exum since 2001. His blend of Black Labrador, Border Collie and Greyhound makes him the perfect backcountry companion. He has the friendly and loyal traits of a Lab, is smart like a Collie, and is as athletic as a Greyhound. Because of Grand Teton National Park regulations, Wister’s main territory is the Wind River Range, where he has over thirty summits and many extensive treks to his credit, including six successful ascents of Wyoming’s highers point, Gannett Peak (13,804′)–higher than the Grand Teton.

Wister is adept at route finding (sniffing out climbers’ trails buried under snow), and he continues to amaze clients with his strength and agility on third-class terrain. His favorite substrates for travel are snow and ice. He is impressively skillful when crossing snowfields or glaciers and on ski descents–having four built-in crampons can be quite an asset! While fifth-class terrain is a bit out of Wister’s league, he enjoys accompanying wilderness-lovers to the base of their climbs and is helpful in keeping an eye on camp. In addition to ascents and descents in Wyoming, Wister has also successfully climbed other high points throughout the United States, and has traveled to New York, Utah, Montana, Idaho and South Dakota to explore peaks and wilderness.

For a climb with Wister Brennan McCarthy contact the Exum office.

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