Disabled Veterans 9/11 Anniversary Grand Teton Climb

Disabled Veterans 9/11 Anniversary Grand Teton Climb

By: Exum Guide Mike Kirby, Veteran of the war in Iraq

The Climbing Team just before beginning the climb  Photo: David Gonzalez

On Sept. 11, 2001 a tragic event changed the lives of everyone in the world. We left our regular lives, our families and friends to answer the call and hopefully make a positive difference.

We went to war not because we agreed or even because we knew exactly what was going on, but to serve with other heroic human beings. Some of us did not come back the same. Badly broken we strive everyday to put the pieces back together. Every day was full of defeat and victories, but no matter what, we never gave up.

Doctors told us we would never do things like we used to, but we did them anyway. We learned to adapt and overcome our physical, mental and psychological barriers. We On the Summit  Photo: David Gonzalezmay have been told we could never climb a mountain like the one we climbed and even with the strong wind and the cold and the bad ice conditions as they were, together we climbed the Grand Teton on Sept. 11, 2012!

The powerful energy bringing people together and uniting as one has given us an experience unlike anything I have ever experienced! Bringing great organizations together like My Bright Mountain, Paradox, Catalyst and Exum Mountain Guides allowing us to make a powerful dream come true! That is what this climbing experience is all about. The Summit Celebration  Photo: David Gonzalez

To read more, check out the Salt Lake City Tribune article.

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