Non-technical Summits

These climbs are ideal for fit hikers who desire the rewards of a Teton summit, without technical rock climbing.

Just because technical climbing isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean you can’t be out in the high mountains.

Exum offers several scrambles up nontechnical peaks that provide outstanding Teton views and ample opportunity to enjoy wildflowers and view wildlife. Plus there is the exhilaration of standing on top a Teton summit. It is a perfect way for a family to spend a day in the mountains.



Cody Peak (10,753) is a prominent summit south of the top of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s aerial tram on Rendezvous Mountain. It offers a beautiful day in the mountains and requires relatively little elevation gain. No mountaineering background is necessary, though your guide may tie you into a rope early in the season if there is still snow. Cody is perfect for families or those with limited experience. There are spectacular views north to the great peaks of the Teton Range, south toward Teton Pass and the Snake River Range, and across hundreds of miles of the Teton Valley and Jackson Hole.


Mount St John (11,430) is an easy, and very long climb in an uncrowded area of the park that is noted for its fine views. The “summit” is really many summits, and the first ascent party had to use a transit to determine which one was actually the highest! You probably won’t care which one it is as you choose instead to wander about and enjoy the scenery.


The Lake Ledges route on the eastern edge of Disappointment Peak provides an easy ascent of a high (11,618 feet) Teton peak. While this is one of the easiest peaks Exum climbs, it provides a exhilarating day in the high mountains.


The Jaw (11,400) is an angular peak at the upper end of Hanging Canyon. The hike is among the most beautiful in the park, a paradise of water, rock, sky, and flowers. The East Face is a scramble, though,  in early season a rope and ice axe will be required.

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Mountain activities involve risk

All activities in and around the mountains involve risks which cannot be eliminated. All participants will be required to sign an electronic version of the Acknowledgement of Risk form prior to participation. Please review this form so you are aware of the risks associated with this activity.

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