Multi-Day Climb Equipment List

The appropriate list of equipment will vary depending on number of days, location and facilities. The following list is appropriate for a two-day climb, with overnight shelter in the Lower Saddle Hut. Please work with your guide to ensure your list suits your specific itinerary.

Essential Items

  • COVID-19 PACK – purchasing from Exum is highly recommended. Includes face covering (gaiter or ear loop style), one leak proof 2oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and cotton work gloves for rappelling. 
  • Face covering and hand sanitizer (2oz per day) (if you do not purchase a COVID-19 pack). 
  • 2 liters of water in “Nalgene” style bottles
  • Meals and snacks (please see below)
  • Dark sun glasses, sunscreen, lip balm and a hat for sun protection
  • Approach shoes as worn during classes. These “sticky rubber approach shoes” are worn throughout the approach, summit climb and descent. These can be rented from us or from the local climbing shops. If you have your own approach shoes or wish to purchase approach shoes elsewhere, call the Exum Office first (307-733-2297) to be sure that the shoe will be appropriate. Many shoes marketed as approach shoes DO NOT have the required sticky rubber composite on the soles. We don’t want you to purchase shoes you won’t be able to use for your climb.
  • Comfortable shorts/lightweight pants and a cotton T-shirt (for hiking the approach and descent)
  • Two pairs of wool or synthetic socks
  • One pair synthetic long underwear: long sleeve top and pants
  • One synthetic or wool long sleeve shirt
  • One fleece sweater or pullover
  • One waterproof rain jacket. Exum recommends the Arc’teryx Alpha FL jacket.
  • One pair synthetic or wool pants, or loose fitting synthetic running tights (worn alone when the weather is good and in addition to the long underwear when it is cold)
  • One pair waterproof rain pants
  • One synthetic or wool ski hat
  • One pair of fleece or wool gloves
  • One pair of rappel gloves
  • Headlamp
  • Water purification tablets
  • A cup, bowl and utensils
  • A backpack large enough for your food and equipment (approximately 2,000-2,500 cu. in. (32-40 liters) during regular season, and 3,000 cu. in. (50 liters) during early and late season)
  • In early and late season you may need an extra layer of clothing, ski gloves, gaiters, crampons and mountaineering boots that are crampon compatible.

Recommended Items

  • Hiking/trekking poles

Food Items

The Lower Saddle Hut offers primitive cooking. Meals can only be prepared by adding boiling water or boiling in a pouch. Dornan’s Market in Moose, and Smith’s and Albertson’s grocery stores in the town of Jackson offer several varieties of food-in-a-pouch.

  • 2 liters of water (additional water can be drawn from natural sources and treated along the way)
  • Lunch during ascent to Lower Saddle (prepared without boiled water)
    Some recommendations include sandwiches, bagels, tortillas and cheese.
  • High energy snacks for the ascent, summit bid and descent
    Recommendations include granola, gorp, energy bars, candy bars, hard candy, nuts and jerky.
  • Dinner at the Lower Saddle Hut
    Recommendations include food-in-a-pouch items such as Tasty Bite and Backpacker’s Pantry, as well as instant soups, hot chocolate, hot cider, tea bags and any of the items listed under lunch.
  • Breakfast at the Lower Saddle Hut
    Recommendations include instant oatmeal, Pop-Tarts, breakfast bars and instant coffee.
  • Lunch during descent back to the valley

Optional Items

  • Camera – light-weight, point and shoot model recommended
  • Camelback or other bladder type water system instead of water bottles
  • Custom orthotics can be used in approach shoes
  • Fleece vest or an additional layer of clothing, if you tend to get cold easily
  • Ear plugs (the Lower Saddle Hut can get noisy)

Items Provided by Exum

The following items are provided by Exum.
*If you have one these items, you are welcome to use your own upon signing a release.
**Due to the weight and size of these items, we ask that you not carry your own to the Lower Saddle.

  • Helmet*
  • Harness*
  • Carabiners*
  • Belay device*
  • Sleeping bag and pad**
  • Cooking stove and utensils**
  • Summit pack (a smaller volume pack for use during your summit bid)
  • Arc'Teryx
  • Black Diamond
  • Virginian Lodge
  • Samsara
  • La Sportiva
  • Mammut
  • 4FRNT