Day Climb Equipment

Day climbs may take place several hours away from facilities, and can last from pre-dawn until late in the afternoon or through early evening. In addition to climb-specific equipment you will need items to get you through the day, such as food, water and sunscreen, and gear to protect yourself should weather set in.

Essential Items

  • Waterproof rain jacket is required regardless of time of year or weather forecast. Brief rain showers are common in the afternoon. No rain ponchos. A jacket equivalent to the Arc’teryx Alpha FL jacket is ideal – lightweight and waterproof. A limited number of rain jackets are available for rental. 
  • Fleece jacket, pullover, sweater, or other layer for warmth regardless of weather forecast.
  • Lightweight pants or long shorts – jeans and sweatpants are not recommended.
  • T-shirt (cotton is fine in nice weather).
  • Athletic socks that will not slip down into your shoes.
  • Gloves for rappelling (100% cotton or leather – NO polyester). Cotton work gloves suitable for rappelling are available for purchase. 
  • Two quarts of water (two large water bottles) per person.
  • Lunch and snacks that are high energy, easy to eat, and heat tolerant.
  • Dark sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm and a hat for sun protection.
  • Day pack that is large enough to carry all of the above items.
  • Appropriate shoes for the climb you are doing. We will help you determine whether you need approach shoes or a climbing shoe. You can rent these from us or from the local mountaineering shops in town.  

Recommended Items

  • Waterproof rain pants. A limited number of rain pants are available for rental. 
  • Fleece gloves and ski hat for cooler days/early mornings.

Optional Items

  • Custom orthotics to be used in approach shoes.
  • Water purification device, tablets or iodine.
  • Arc'Teryx
  • Black Diamond
  • Virginian Lodge
  • Samsara
  • La Sportiva
  • Mammut
  • 4FRNT