Billing & Cancellation Policy

Please review the information below.


The balance due for your activities will be collected on your first day of climbing. Please remember that there are no refunds should you decide not to continue with your reserved activities for any reason.

Other Fees

The only costs directly related to your climbing, beyond your activity fees are: rental equipment fees, snacks and meals to bring on your activities, the Grand Teton National Park entrance fee, and any gratuity you choose to give your guide.



We are thrilled that so many of you are excited to climb with Exum this summer and we know that canceling your trip is not what you want to think about. However, we are asking you to consider your plans carefully. If you believe that you may need to cancel, we ask that you do so as early as possible so that we have an opportunity to fill your space. As we approach summer, filling cancelled spaces becomes highly unlikely.

Because no one can predict the future related to COVID-19, our cancellation policy is very different for 2020 than in typical years. Other than the $50 administrative fee which is non-refundable, we are not going to charge a cancellation fee if you have to cancel your planned activities. The total fee will be $50 per reservation, regardless of when you cancel. Please keep in mind that Exum is a small company and due to COVID-19 this will be a financially challenging year for us and for our guides. Should you need to cancel as your reserved dates approach, it likely means that a guide will not work on those days. Again, we understand that there are many factors in play this summer, but please give us as much notice as possible. 

Your deposit can be refunded if you contact us to cancel, but please consider applying it to a reservation for 2021 instead. This option gives you something great to look forward to, and significantly helps Exum. Thank you for your understanding and consideration, and we look forward to climbing with you this summer or in the future.

Our cancellation policy as stated below will be revised for 2021 and can be disregarded for the summer of 2020.

Grand Teton and all Multi-Day climbs: These climbs fill very early in the year, and it is difficult, and often impossible to fill spaces as the summer approaches. Because of this, our cancellation policy is strict and we cannot make exceptions.

  • Once your reservation has been processed, there is a $50 administrative fee per reservation if you cancel prior to May 1st. 
  • Cancellations between May 1st and May 31st – a $200 cancellation fee per person will be charged.
  • Cancellations on or after June 1st – the entire deposit ($500 per person) will be forfeited. 

One-day private activities: Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice will be charged a $50 cancellation fee per reservation. Your entire deposit is forfeited for cancellations within 48 hours (maximum $300 per party/guide).

Group Activities: Cancellations with more than 48 hours will be charged $25 per person. Your entire deposit will be forfeited for cancellations within 48 hours.

How to Reach Us

Please call us at (307) 733-2297 if you have any questions. The best time to reach us during the summer season is between 10:00 and 2:00 Mountain Time, seven days a week. During these hours, we are not sending out or welcoming back schools and climbs. If you reach our voice mail, we will return your call as soon as possible. In the off season, the best time to reach us is between 9:00 and 4:00 Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Again, if you do not reach us, please leave us a message so that we can call you back.

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