Learn to Lead Seminar

Exum's Learn to Lead seminar is designed for the climber who is ready to take the next step and learn the art of lead climbing.

The goal of this course is to introduce you to the skills necessary to lead climbs that require the placement of traditional protection. It is designed for individuals who have experience following traditional climbs.

Each course is designed to cover specific techniques and systems in a simple, progressive manner with each day building on the previous day. The techniques taught in our Learn to Lead course have been accumulated and meticulously refined by our guides. Exum’s Learn to Lead climbing program is offered at the following locations: The City of Rocks in Idaho, Sinks Canyon in Wyoming and Eldorado Canyon in Colorado.


  • $1,125 each for two
  • $995 each for three

Plus travel expenses for the guide(s): $100-$300 per guide plus food and camping expenses, depending on seminar location.

Seminars can also be arranged at private rates for one climber. Call the office for details.

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Learn to Lead Seminar Learn to Lead Seminar Learn to Lead Seminar
A Classic City of Rocks Climb - Photo: Exum Collection
Boulder - Nice Rock, Nice Spring Weather - Photo: Gary Falk
Got Chalk? - Photo: Exum Collection