Ice Climbing

Acquiring a basic foundation of ice climbing skills opens the door to interesting and challenging winter climbs.

Ice climbing is one of the most rewarding aspects of mountaineering, relying on mental stamina and physical agility as well as a command of technique and equipment.

The mountains of northwest Wyoming offer ice and mixed climbing for all ability levels. Climbs are scattered throughout the Tetons and Wind River Mountains. Those in the Tetons require an approach over snow, either by snowshoe or skis, while most climbs in the Wind Rivers can be approached in boots. All climbs are located in spectacular alpine settings devoid of crowds.

Our most popular program includes two days of ice climbing in the Lake Louise area of the Wind River Mountains, just outside of Dubois, Wyoming. The first day includes all the basics; gear recommendations, basic footwork, rope handling, proper use of ice tools, reading the ice, removing protection and more. The second day involves a four or five pitch ascent up a spectacular ice gully with both easy and moderately difficult options. Overnight accommodations are available in Dubois.

The Exum Ice Park at Snow King is a great place to learn to ice climb and a great place for experienced ice climbers to work on technique and endurance.


One-Day trips in the Tetons

  • $475 for one participant
  • $350 each for two or more participants

Multi-Day Teton trips

Please call to discuss options and pricing

Ice Climbing in Dubois

  • $575 per day for one participant
  • $475 per day each for two participants

Dubois prices do not include accommodations, food or transportation for climbers and guides.

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Ice Climbing
Teton Ice Photo: Exum Collection