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 Peter Doucette

Extensive climbing in the Northeastern US — New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and New York with annual trips to the Eastern Sierra backcountry, Yosemite Valley and the Cascades. Expeditions and trips to China, Alaska, Ecuador, Mexico, Western Canada, the Italian Dolomites and Switzerland. First ascents include: The Fin Wall on Mt. Foraker, The Northeast face of Rogue Peak, All Talk couloir on Mantok 1, Firing Line on Cannon Cliff, and The Intimidating Bicycle Ride on Cathedral Ledge (both in New Hampshire), and Bull in a China Shop and Draggin Butt in the Sichuan Province, China.

Recent ascents include: Moonflower Buttress on Mt. Hunter, Alaska, The NW Face of Half Dome, The Salathe and The Nose on El Capitan, The Scenic Cruise in The Black Canyon, The Grand Wall in Squamish, Constantini Apollonia in the Dolomites, and The Terminator and Suffer Machine in the Canadian Rockies.

Internationally Certified
AMGA/IFMGA Mountain Guide



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