Meet Ned Corkran


 Ned Corkran

Ned Corkran has been climbing for 25 years throughout the Western Hemisphere. A lot of his early career was spent in North Carolina, dodging rainstorms, while climbing in between his stints working for Outward Bound. Here he realized that a career guiding and teaching provides both meaningful work as well as the freedom of lifestyle to plan and execute adventurous trips in the mountains. He moved west and began climbing in the Rockies where he developed an appetite for technical rock terrain in the alpine environment. He has had many forays into the snow and ice realms of the Andes and southeast Alaska, as well as more mountain routes in the Pacific Northwest (more time dodging rainstorms!) and the Northern Rockies.

Outside of guiding and teaching, he has participated in numerous biology studies, doing research on Northern Goshawks, Wolverines, Marbled Murrelets, Moose, Pronghorn Antelope and Clark’s Nutcrackers.

He lives in Driggs, Idaho which has been home for 15 years. With the Tetons as the ideal backyard playground, he has been able to pursue his passions in both mountaineering and wildlife studies.

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