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 Jeff Witt

Jeff Witt has been guiding at Exum Mountain Guides since 2002 . Jeff has climbed and guided on mountains all around the world, including four of the Seven Summits, prominent peaks throughout the European Alps, and challenging routes in Patagonia and Alaska. He is also an avid motorcyclist and adventurer, having toured much of the Americas and Europe by motorcycle, and visited more than 30 countries.

Some of his personal accomplishments include climbing Denali’s Cassin Ridge, Fitzroy’s SW Pillar, the North Face of the Eiger in winter conditions, and the summit of Mount Everest, not to mention trips to Prudhoe Bay and the Panama Canal by motorcycle.

Jeff completed a one-day ascent of Mount Kenya’s Batian summit, and climbed Aconcagua and Kilimanjaro.

AMGA Certified Rock Guide


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